Our Vision & Philosophy:
Everyone benefits from the host family experience!

Our students benefit from the wonderful experience of sharing this epic time in their lives with
trained host families. They have the opportunity to share their culture and customs and learn
about the American way of life. The process of learning English is accelerated for the student by
frequent opportunities to engage with their host families. Students enjoy the companionship and
support of their host families.
Families enjoy sharing their homes and lifestyle and many report that their experience as hosts
gives them an enhanced or renewed sense of purpose in their lives. The amount of time that
they spend with their student is repaid many times over by the satisfaction that hosts report.


Homestay Community’s Goals:

Create Community: People by nature feel happier and thrive when they live in caring
communities as opposed to in isolation.
Create understanding and respect for diversity: In a world filled with misunderstandings,
skepticism, war, and mistrust, Homestay Community aims to build bridges towards greater
understanding and peace. Eileen Lowey, Founder and CEO of Homestay Community, has shared her home with Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, Christians, and Agnostics. Everyone has lived
peaceably under one roof and learned so much from each other.
Provide comfortable, safe, affordable and supportive living environments for students and
working professionals.
Provide a meaningful experience for families by teaching them how to establish their home as a
host family and begin generating a substantial and reliable source of income to assist them in
meeting personal and family goals.