Alison and Eileen posing for a picture at the holiday party.

Eileen’s Experience: A tremendous opportunity!

Over the past eight years, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting students from more than 25 countries as well as from the U.S. This experience has enabled me to learn so much about other cultures.
As a host family, I have spent many pleasurable hours getting to know my students and enjoyed
helping them as they learn about American culture and become proficient in English. This process is very rewarding and often so entertaining! Another benefit to being a host family is that you will be able to increase your income significantly!

As a bilingual education teacher, teacher trainer, psychotherapist, world traveler, second language acquistion specialist, and as an international student studying abroad, I discovered that I have the perfect skillset for being a host family. I currently host six students in my home and enjoy sharing this opportunity with other families and students!

Alison’s Experience:

In college, I studied abroad twice and lived with host families. Two months after graduating from college, I was on a plane to Prague, Czech Republic to teach English as a Foreign Language. I stayed for 5 years to teach, immerse myself in Czech culture, travel Europe and learn a new language. I returned to the US and have worked extensively with English as a Second Language Learners, taught refugees, immigrants, and international students at various schools in the Denver area.
We have both been international students and understand the tremendous opportunity that this experience provides our students and families. Both of us have traveled the world and been given the gift of learning from the cultures we have encountered throughout our personal and professional lives.