Frequently Asked Questions for Host Families:


  1. Will I be required to cook for my guests?
    Usually guests will eat out with friends or prepare their own meals.
    Some guests may want to eat with you and each family negotiates
    with their student, the number of meals and cost.

  3. Will I be required to take my guests to and from school or work?
    Our guests are very independent and will make their own transportation
    arrangements. Initially they may need your help figuring out mass transit.
    Using the RTD website or Google Maps will make this easy for you. About
    40% of guests will have their own cars. Many rely on public transit
    when they first arrive and then buy one later.

  5. Who will my guest be?
    Eight out of ten guests seeking host families are male students. About one third
    are from Middle Eastern Countries. About 35% are from the United States
    and another fourth from Asian countries. Many are in graduate school or
    are here to study English in preparation for entry into either undergraduate
    or graduate programs in the U.S. The average age of your guest will be
    about 25. Your guest is typically bright, highly motivated, has a very
    strong work ethic, is adventurous and willing to take
    appropriate risks to succeed.

  7. Are students the only demographic living with host families?
    No, we also place traveling nurses, visiting professors, international
    working professionals and American working professionals who relocate to
    the Denver area for a temporary or permanent job.

  9. How much time will my guest require?
    Your guest may be from a foreign country, rely on public transit and know
    very little English or they may be fluent in English and have their own car.
    Your guest may initially need help figuring out mass transit and orienting
    to your neighborhood resources such as nearby coffee shops, restaurants
    and stores. They may want help with homework or simply want to visit with
    you a little each day to practice their English. The actual time required is
    less than one hour per day, and any time invested in guests is highly
    rewarding and time well spent!

  11. How will I get paid?
    Your guest will pay you directly the agreed upon amount on the first of
    each month. Guests are very motivated to maintain a positive relationship
    with you and are typically very prompt in payment each month.

  13. How long will my guest stay with me?
    The initial housing agreement is typically for 6 months. Families have had
    short term guests who stay for three or four months, but many stay for
    longer. Some guests are students who come to work on a Masters degree or PhD and
    will stay two to four years.



Frequently Asked Questions for Guests:


  1. How far will I travel each day to arrive at my school/internship site/workplace?
    We will always try to find a host family for you that is within 40 minutes travel time or less by
    mass transit. Some homes will be closer and others farther away. The best host for you may
    not be the closest location. We will consider all factors that are important to you: family
    composition and lifestyle, pets, meals, other guests living with the host family, private or
    shared bath and cost. Our goal is to find the perfect host for you!

  3. How much will my homestay cost?
    Our average homestay for a private, fully-furnished bedroom and bath shared with one other
    homestay guest ranges from $650.00 per month to as much as $1,000.00 depending on space,
    neighborhood and amenities, with the average being about $700.00. This fee is all-inclusive and
    covers utilities, high speed internet and may even include a cleaning service! Our goal is to make your stay with your host family as streamlined, comfortable and pleasant as possible! During your stay we want you to have plenty of time to enjoy your studies, work, new friends and gorgeous Colorado!

  5. Will my host spend time with me?
    Absolutely! We make sure to interview you as well as your host carefully to ensure that you and
    your host have goals and lifestyles that are highly compatible.

  7. Will I sign a housing agreement?
    Yes! Our housing agreements have been especially written to provide clear guidelines and
    protection for hosts and their guests.

  9. What is a deposit?
    Renters in the US typically pay a security or damage deposit when they rent a room. This is
    security in case something is damaged or may be used to cover a loss of income if a renter
    moves out early.

  11. Is a deposit required?
    Yes, all our hosts require deposits equal to the first month’s rent. The deposits are fully
    refunded when all terms of the housing agreement are met.

  13. Will I share meals with my host and what will the cost be?
    Most of our hosts do not offer meals because we discovered that our guests really enjoyed
    a flexible schedule to have meals with friends, stay at school or the library to study. Some
    hosts and guests share meals once a week, and others end up eating together spontaneously when
    schedules match up. If this is important to you please let us know!