The weather in Denver is changing, the excitement of summer is happily behind us, and the semester is well underway! Nevertheless, students are constantly arriving to start new programs and to find a wonderful host family to live with! One of the schools we work with has new start dates every month, and they are happy to see to it that their students have a friendly, safe, peaceful environment to call home as they settle into student life in Denver.

Due to the needs of our students, as well as the desires of our host families to continually welcome interesting adults from the US and around the world, Homestay Community makes a point to place students every single month. Many of the English Language programs start every month or every quarter, so not only do families get the chance to meet many newly arrived students, but they also meet students that have been living in Denver or other parts of the US for awhile. If you are a student that is looking for a homestay option in the middle or end of the semester, we can absolutely help you out! If so, please fill in the student housing request form on our website and take a look at the wonderful families that are ready to open their homes to the world!

If you are a family that wants to join our Homestay Community now, please fill in the host family sign-up form on our website, and we will reach out to share more information with you about this exciting opportunity! Homestay Community works closely with students and families to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience with both hosting and living in a family’s house. We welcome you to contact us to see how you may become part of our community!