What Others Are Saying About Us


“For me living in a host family has proven to be an ideal living experience since moving to Colorado for medical school. Being able to move right in, without having to go out and buy furniture of my own was a huge benefit and saved me 1000s, something that will surely appeal to foreign students who will eventually need to move again. However, my host family experience also gave me an instant “home-base” with friends and an awesome host-mom who represent a wide variety of cultures and languages. I now think that living with a host family is the only way to go if you are a busy student looking for a great place that is already a home…just waiting for you to arrive.”

–James, a med student at Anschutz




“I have had several great experiences with the Homestay students and interns.  I enjoy and appreciate the variety of personalities, new friendships, and having them around the house.”

–Ron – Host Family


“I enjoy working with Homestay because they are professionals in every way.” –Dean – Host Family


“My host family is close to my school downtown. The family is happy and I get to practice English. I would recommend a student that wants a host family to contact them. It feels like home.”

–Ali- Colorado School of English


“I am an MBA student studying 12 credit hours this semester, thus, my time is really pressed. I loved living in Gabby’s house because I am living independently. We are three in the house and each of us have their own room.

The house is very modern, stylish and comfortable. The space is spacious and surely one would feel comfortable. We keep the house very clean and we rotate the housing chores weekly; these chores are for kitchen, dining room and living room. Given we are independent and responsible and, hence, the house is mostly clean but as with everything it needs only little touch ups. As for our rooms, each of us maintain our rooms clean.

Had I had more time, I would definitely get the chance to interact more over weekends as we have our different schedules.

This was for the house, as for dealing with Alison, she has been superb and helpful. She managed to set me up with this house in less than two weeks. Mind you I came early January when demand for housing is high.”

Thank you!

Graduate Student at University of Colorado Denver

“I gotta say that Home Stay Community is wonderful.” – Craig

“Thank you for taking the time to help me find housing. And connecting me with great hosts.” – Cordell

“I just love Homestay Community just for the fact that I get to meet so many amazing young people I’m so grateful for you.”- Andra

“That’s where I lived for two years while doing my masters. Loved every bit of my stay there ♥️”-Niveditha

“Thank you dream makers”- Linda

“What you are doing is not for the money, it is a mission, and you are touching so many lives, like the ripples in the water when a stone is there in the water.”- Dr. Adler