Dear Awesome Homestay Community Hosts,

We are growing and seeking new families who would like to host!

Do you know someone in the Denver area who might be a good host and whose holidays might be brightened with an extra $7,000 – $9,500 or more per student per year?

If so, please introduce us! Not only will you be helping them, but as soon as they become an established host we will send you $100 to brighten YOUR holidays!

I look forward to hearing from you and people you think will enjoy the many rewards of hosting!

Another reason to love hosting!

I just returned from India! Heather and Husein met in my home and married! They invited me to join them in Mumbai for their sister’s wedding! Wow!

To give them more information, they can call me at (720) 271-1151 or visit my website. Be sure to do it soon–we’ve got hosting information sessions scheduled for both November and early December (details on our website!).

Warm regards and best wishes for the holidays.