Homestay Community has been busy placing students from all walks of life for the new school year! Thanks to our partnerships with various institutions in the Denver metro area, we have been able to help students enrolled in many different programs throughout the metro area! Denver still ranks as one of the most desirable places to live, and it is no surprise that many international and American students have chosen Denver, Colorado as their home while they pursue undergraduate, graduate degrees, studies in English language, nursing residencies, or internships. While the cost of living increases in the area, Homestay continues to provide high-quality, affordable housing options that are all-inclusive. Students may arrive with just a suitcase and have a brand new host family and meet new friends in their home as many of our families host more than one student! A student from Libya moved into one of our family’s homes at the beginning of the month and shared that his experience thus far has exceeded his expectations. He was nervous about moving in with a family he had never met before, but he feels totally comfortable now. Another international student arrived today to start his Bachelors Degree after studying English in Washington, and in his words: “Thank you for facilitating this and making things easy for me!” That is music to our ears. Time after time, students arrive and call us from a friend’s home or a motel to say that they really need to move in with a family immediately so that they can get settled into their new life before school begins. A host family is a wise choice for anyone who prefers to have “instant family” upon arrival. Many American students prefer this option when they’re moving from another state if they don’t know anyone and are living on their own. Some relocate here for a program that is 1 year only, and they plan to return home upon completion. Why rent an apartment, move or buy new furniture for short-term? In the end, a host family is convenient, comfortable, and allows opportunities to forge life-long relationships.