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About Us

Connecting People - One Home At A Time

Over the past 10 years, I've had the privilege of hosting guests from more than 35 countries, including the United States. Since becoming a host I've learned about so many cultures. I have spent time getting to know each guest, and it was a pleasure to learn of their background. I've been able to help guests learn American culture and become a little more proficient in English. Being a host is rewarding and often entertaining! The greatest benefit to becoming a host is being able to increase your income significant!



Our Story

Homestay Community was created with the idea of providing a room and home, along with a host family for international students coming to Colorado for a secondary education.  The idea was to unite the world, learn from each other, and supplement our own income.  When we first rented a single room in our home, we didn't realize the opportunity in front of us. Becoming a host can increase you income significantly by paying some or all of your mortgage. Becoming a host can turn your empty nest into a thriving home again. When Covid hit, the borders were closed and the opportunity to help our international friends seemed to be lost.  However, with more thinking we decided to open our homes to any student or professional looking for a home away from home.  

Now we offer our homes to anyone international or domestic. The goal is still the same, to unite people, one home at a time.  

Meet The Team

What Makes Us Unique

  • Relationships:  We get personal meeting each host.  Who they are, what they like to do, and what interests they have.  We visit their home, we meet with the family and we can actually say we "know' them.  We also get to know each guest, learning the same attributes. We learn their personality to make the best match with a host. We take the time to match each host and guest personally.  The process works

  • Local:  We only work in the Denver Metro area.  

  • Privacy:  We have both our Hosts and our Guests provide us with background checks which keeps confidential information confidential, such as social security numbers.   

  • Personal Touch: When you call our office you will reach a live person no automated answering service. You will speak to Eileen directly. (Voice Mail will be returned within 24 hours)

  • Great Feedback: We have a 5 star review on BBB  


Andra- Host

Homestay Community is an awesome organization run by an amazing woman. I have the best roommate in the world from HC and she is part of our family now. Using HC to find my roommate has helped enrich
my life by bringing me a new member to my family and helped me become more financially independent. Homestay Community has made the process seem effortless by vetting candidates,
creating and updating the lease and providing support. I'm very happy with Homestay Community!

Dr. S- Host

We are a host family having a great experience with our Homestay Community guest. He’s been a terrific
addition to our family. Respectful,
funny, helpful and interesting.
He enriches our lives.

Sami- Guest

When I came to America, everything was difficult in terms of language
learning and in all respects. But when I met Eileen, everything changed. She is a very nice and respectful person. She is educated and has high experience in dealing with all cultures. I have lived in Eileen’s house for over three years. I felt like I was at
home with my family.  The house is comfortable, quiet, clean and safe.
Thank you Eileen for all the support you have given me. In  learning
the language and in everything. I recommend this place to everyone.


Yousef- Guest

This is an excellent place to stay, and I highly recommend it. Exceptionally clean, in a very quiet and peaceful setting. I lived here for a year, and I had a positive experience with Eileen; she is very
friendly and helpful, and she made us feel completely at home!

We'd love to hear from you


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