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Frequently Asked Questions

For Guests

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What do I need to qualify?

We will require a form of identification (Visa or government issued ID), 3 references and a background check (US Guests)

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How much do I pay up front?

All rooms require a deposit equal to one months rent before moving in.  This deposit locks the room for you.  If you are moving in the middle of the month, you will be required to pay the prorated dates upon move in and rent is due on the first.

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What is included in the rent?

All rooms come fully furnished.  You will be provided towels, sheets, blankets and pillows.  The price of the room includes all utilities including water, gas, electric, Wi-Fi and cable or streaming service. 

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Can I bring my own furniture?

You are welcome to bring small items however if the item you want to bring requires the host to remove a piece of furniture (like your own bed), we would be unable to accommodate.  Simply because the host would have no place to put the furniture that is already in the room.

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How long is the lease?

Our standard lease is 6 months. 

  • We do offer a 3 month lease however a 15% short lease fee would need to be paid to Homestay Community at time of move in.  

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How do I know this is legit?

With so many housing scams, it can be hard to tell which ones are legit.  Check for the following when looking for a place to live:

  • Up front costs:  Homestay Community will never require upfront costs.  In fact, for a 6 month lease, we will never ask for money.  All money is paid directly to the Host!

    • Your host will require a deposit to hold the room.  If you are local, you will see the room and meet the host before this happens.  If you are not, you will meet via video communication. ​

    • Your first months rent will be due the day you move in.

  • Legitimate Company: Homestay Community has a Website, a Google Review page, and a Facebook presence.  We have insurance and a business license.  You may reach any of our staff at our phone numbers posted both on our website and online. All emails will come from a address.

  • You will meet the host before you move in: Once you provide all of the security information (Phone interview, Background Check (Visa for international guests) and References) you will meet your host first on the phone and then in person before any money is requested. (If you are an international guest or out of town, you will do a video interview instead of meeting in person.)

  • We will never ask for or see your Social Security Information: The reason we ask you to provide the background check is so that you do not have to provide us with this very private information.

  • You will be provided a copy of the lease: All leases are prepared by a Licensed Real Estate Agent and signed via Docusign.

  • 5 Star rating on the Better Business Bureau: Homestay Community has never recieved a complaint in the 7 years we have been in business.​

For Hosts

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What does a Host provide?

Our hosts provide a clean, safe, quiet home for our Guests.  You will need to provide a fully furnished private bedroom and either a bathroom shared with one other person or a private bath.  You will also need to have towels, blankets, sheets and pillows.  Our Guests also need access to Wi-Fi.

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Do I have to cook and clean up after my guest? How about driving?

Your guest will be a fully independent adult.  They will be required to clean up after themselves, cook and do laundry for themselves.  They will either have a car or be using the public transportation however they will not rely on you.

  • Some of our international students are here to study the language and culture and will enjoy any help you can provide with that or showing them how to find the light rail station.  However if you prefer, you can request someone that is more independent!

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What is required to  host?

Our program works with many colleges to find homes for their students, because of this, our hosts all need to follow the same guidelines.  This is why we require the following:

  • Government issued photo ID

  • Background Check

  • Meeting with Homestay Community

  • Attendance to Homestay Training (2-3 Hours)

  • Ownership of your home 

  • At least one extra bedroom and access to a bathroom

  • Shared access to kitchen, dining room, living room.  

  • No drugs of any kind, including marijuana

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I have pets!  Can I still host?

Absolutely!  Some of our guests prefer a home with pets!  We do however, have some guests that will request a home without pets for whatever reason.  We make sure to take a picture of your pet and let all potential guests know that their are pets in the home and they can decide if they are comfortable with that.  

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I have children.  Can I still host?

Absolutely!  Many of our guest are looking for a family environment to be able to study and work.  Our guests will be made aware that their are children in the home and the ages and can decide if your home is right for them!

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I am uncomfortable with someone I never met living in my home!

We agree this would be uncomfortable for everyone!  We will fully vet your guest and do our best to make sure it is a great fit.  Once we are confident they will do a great job and would even welcome them into our own home, we will introduce them to you.  You will be able to call and speak with your guest and if you are comfortable, you will invite them to meet the family and see the home.  Only then do you decide if its a great fit for both of you!

  • Some of our international guests are coming directly from their home country and would be unable to do a visit.  In this case, you can do a Facetime, or WhatsApp video interview before they arrive.


We'd love to hear from you

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