The Denver housing market is hot! Rents for one bedroom apartments are around $1,300/month and the average cost of a house in the Denver area is currently $350k. Who knows when the market will change, or whether or not prices will stabilize, but Homestay Community has a solution to your rental or home purchase challenge!

Many of our host families have chosen to work with us because they rely on the income from hosting students. Home-sharing is a trend that is catching on in progressive cities around the US, and we have the solution! Some families host as many as three or four students, generating them an average of $21k-24k annually. Does that help to pay the mortgage or rent? You bet!

Homestay Community works with licensed realtors who can help our clients buy the right home to share with interesting students and professionals from the US and abroad! We recently met an interested host family who has decided to rent a house so that he can afford to live in a spacious home in a desirable neighborhood at a price that’s right for him. Will he also be a successful host? We think so! He’s friendly, interested in learning about other cultures, and will let Homestay help him choose a house that’s in a great location for students.

We serve students attending schools throughout the Denver Metro Area, and any home that is walking distance to a train station or a major bus line could potentially be a great fit for our program! Students arrive year-round, so even though you may want to begin your hosting journey in October or March, we can work with you!

Please reach out today to learn how we can help you purchase or rent the right home today!